About augScape Limited

companySIG.com is owned developed and operated by augScape Limited

We are a very small company based in East Yorkshire England and specialise in services and tools for small to medium businesses.

About companySIG.com

We believe companies need a way for employees to create and maintain email signatures that carry the same corporate message.
The way we see it there are 2 main parts to a company email signature:

  1. The business part containing the business address, Logo, company number etc.
  2. The employee part containing the individual email address, phone numbers, name and job title.
The business part usually remains the same for all employees

This is how our signatures work

  1. You Type in your details and upload an image if you wish
  2. We show you your signature in its own little browser window
  3. You Copy Paste into the signature box in your email program

If your details change you can come back and edit copy paste again