How to create email signature using the tool

Making a company email signature with the tool here at is really easy even for a computer novice. We have designed our business e-mail signature creator specifically to be above all else "easy to use" .
We currently have 1 email signature template which is configurable by you as it is a html e-mail signature template, some people say e-mail signature and others just say mail signature block or email sig for the purpose of clarity we say company email signature.

Step 1 Register at

Choose a user name: (any numbers or characters No spaces)
Choose a password
Confirm password (Extra check that you typed it in correctly)
Enter Email address (the email address you want the signature for)
Confirm Email address (again an extra check)
Enter the Security code to prove you're a human being and not an automated program

Once you are a member you can click Dashboard & Make New Signature

The Dashboard is where all your email signatures are displayed You can View Edit Copy and Delete Signatures "Sigs", at anytime in the future you can come back and your details will have been saved so you won't need to type them in again. if you have forgot your password the system will send you a new one to the email address you provided when you joined.

Step 2 Entering the details you want on your e-mail signature

*note you can keep going backwards and forwards editing and viewing your signature until you get it just right.

Below I'm going to explain in detail what each of the entry fields is for because you may want to use them in slightly different ways.

Enter an email address for the Signature
Each Signature must have a unique email address, please make sure it is spelt correct, To make sure copy paste it from your email client.
Once entered you are taken back to your Dashboard where the new Signature appears at the bottom of the list.
Click Edit on the signature

Enter Name
Important! For most people this is straight forward First and Second name But:
If someone receives your email (with sig) on their mobile phone and clicks the vCard to save your details, it will be saved under the name you enter here.
If I were a Taxi driver named Fred Smith I would enter "Taxi" as my name and Fred as my job title.
That way when the person needs a Taxi they will find me easily without have to remember my name
You may want a generic signature for something like a Support department rather than an individual, the system is flexible what ever you type in appears on the Signature

Job Title
Again for most people its their job title But you may want to put a company slogan or tag line in there, experiment with it.

This is for your telephone number and it displays exactly what you type in so you may want to put "Tel:" before your number. Now this number is used in the vCard and we remove all none numeric characters from this field before we make the vCard so use it for telephone number only

Mob / Cell
Same as Telephone

Company name
Also used in vCard and should hold the name of the Company

This is used in vCard and should hold the postal address. This is also used to create map the Map button so if you put something strange in this filed your map link is not going to work. You may want to test and adjust this to get the map to work correctly.

Postcode / Zip Code
Again if you want the map to work you need the correct information in this field

Website Link
With or without "http://" visit the site then copy paste from the title is the best option.

Company Reg No
This is mostly for European Businesses where companies are required by law to display this information on all outgoing emails from their business.

Again mostly for European Businesses where companies are required by law to display this information on all outgoing emails from their business even when they don't sell online.

Display map button
Handy if you want someone to find your premises, needs a proper address and post / zip code.

Display vCard
If you want to get your business contact details into the contacts on mobile phones or email contact of your customers or clients vCard is the way you do it.

Link Colour
There are over 50 web safe colours to choose from and the colour is used for the buttons and the spacer lines.

Upload a photo or image
Again this is optional our company email signature generator will adjust the size proportionally, it can handle .jpg .png (including transparency)

Social Network Links
Due to numerous requests we have included 4 of the top social network links linkedIn Facebook twitter and Google+