Email Signature Help

This is our central help page which contains a wealth of information regarding making company email signatures and graphics and associated tasks. Creating a business email signature block is a difficult task even for a seasoned professional developer. Email clients will typically change html when they receive it, stripping out tags replacing tags and more. Knowing what each email client does to the email signature is not documented as far as we know. This knowledge only comes from decades of experience. And once you have your email signature you can bet your bottom dollar that something changes: new phone number, new job title etc. so the process starts all over again.

Create & Maintain Business Email Signatures at

Enter Details - Copy & Paste When something changes: Change Details - Copy & Paste it's that simple.

When you view your signature, we show it in its own window, This is so you can Select All and Copy the signature without having to worry about selecting the right bit.

This is your company signature maintenance system for all your business email signatures, Something about your contact information will change, it always does. and when that happens you can simply Edit your sig and make the changes.

Gmail Signature Help

Paste into Gmail

Gmail Logo
  • In Gmail
  • At the top Right click the little Cog
  • Then Mail Settings
  • Find the Signature Box
  • Ctrl V (Paste)
  • Save Changes

Outlook 2003 Help

Paste into Outlook 2003

outlook 2003 logo
  • At the top click Tools - Options
  • Mail Format (tab)
  • Signatures (Button)
  • New (give it any name)
  • Next (Button)
  • Ctrl V (Paste)
  • Finish (Button) OK (Button)
  • OK (Button) Signature Help

Paste into Logo
  • At the top Right click the little Cog
  • Then Options
  • Formatting, font and signature
  • Bottom box Personal signature
  • Ctrl V (Paste)
  • Click Save

Yahoo email signature Help

Paste into Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail logo
  • At the top Right click the little cog
  • Settings
  • On the Left Writing email
  • Bottom Box
  • Ctrl V (Paste)
  • select Show a rich text signature
  • Click Save

Help reducing image size

Image link to XnView to convert graphic images If your image is to big (over 1mb) we recommend Xnview, I personally have used it for decades and its a fantastic bit of software. I think I've had XnView on just about every PC I've owned. You can download it here
When we make the email signature, uploaded images are resized to be 90 pixels high keeping the image in proportion.
If the uploaded image is less than 90 pixels high to start with, then they may look fuzzy on the signature.

I have allsorts of expensive graphic programs but still use XnView to find my images on my computer because its the easiest and fastest. I have many thousands of images and typically I will use XnView to find the one I want then open it up in photoshop to edit it.
XnView is one of those little Jewels of the internet.

Why We like Xnview

  • Completely Free
  • Very small download 6kb
  • Works on Mac and PC
  • We've used it for Decades

How to create a small version of your large image in XnView

  1. Download XnView and Install it
  2. Start XnView
  3. Find your big image in XnView
  4. Double click it to open it
  5. Choose the Menu item Image > Resize.
  6. In the height type 90 pixels
  7. Choose the Menu item File > Save As...
  8. Give your new smaller image a different name
  9. Click Save.
Now you have a new smaller image to upload for your signature