What exactly is an email signature?

An email signature block is a block of text placed at the bottom of an email message. Most email clients such as Microsoft outlook and Thunderbird etc. have the capability to append a signature automatically to the bottom of outgoing emails. Many online email systems also have the capacity to append email signatures to the bottom of emails automatically.

Personal email signatures

Often individuals may want an email signature, partly to save time and partly to convey contact information.

Business email signatures

Many companies have a requirement to have all email leaving the business carry their corporate information such as telephone number Fax, Business name logo etc.

Our Approach

The approach we have taken here at companysig.com is to provide a platform for both "corporate" and "Personal Contact" details. By experimenting with the data entered into the change signature form the system is flexible enough to work with the very smallest and large companies.
A tradesman such as a plumber might want to set the name field to "Plumber" and the Job title to their name so when the contact is information is saved is listed as "Plumber"

Parts of an Email

Parts of an email